So, why should I choose eco-friendly?

Healthy soil creates healthy plants! We can offer suggestions for insect control, grubs, or any other lawn issues without hurting earthworms and other beneficial insects. You will also find that as your soil improves and your turf becomes healthier, the need for controls decreases significantly.

Our products are made from natural products and are non-toxic. Your children and pets can go on the lawn immediately after the treatment is done.

Eco-friendly products can be applied near bodies of water because they do not contain synthetic sources of nitrogen and phosphorus. They are also chelated, meaning they are available to the plant immediately. Liquid application is also more efficient and greatly reduces any run off effect.

Why should I switch?

Eco-Friendly Lawns are Greener
Less Stress = Less Brown
Eco-Friendly Lawns Save Water
Less Mowing
Human Health Issues
Water Pollution
Soil Depletion/Sterile Soil
Eco-System Damage
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